Williamson Gives a Preview of Debut Batman Issue

The James Tynion IV/Jorge Jimenez run of Batman is (finally) coming to an end and the new creative duo for the marquee DC Comics publication is already causing hype among fans of the Dark Knight.

Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina will take over as the creative duo behind Batman starting with issue 118, which is set to hit your local comic book stores on December 7.

With Williamson also being part of the creative teams in other DC titles such as Robin, Deathstroke, and others, the addition of the Batman series is one that has been welcomed among comic book fans. Williamson is not shy about admitting his Batman run will go hand-in-hand with the other titles he’s currently working on.

“One thing about Batman is that it’s connected to what I’m doing on DeathstrokeRobinInfinite FrontierJustice League Incarnate and some other things we’re doing next year,” Williamson teased. “It’s really about this thing I want to say about DC Comics as a whole, which I can’t get into right now, but we have some really big plans for the summer. Once we get close to that, we can talk about what I’m trying to say about DC at this point.”

Williamson shared some behind-the-scenes at the upcoming Batman #118 on his twitter and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great series!

Batman #118 takes Bruce Wayne out of Gotham City following the events of “Fear State,” the Scarecrow-focused story currently playing out in the Batman titles. 

Are you excited for the upcoming Batman #118? let us know in the comments.

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